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Portugal is six times smaller than France with

a length of 560 km upon a width of 220 km.

Portugal runs along a coastline of 850 km.

Tremês is practically in the center of the

country. You will spend as much time

travelling to Porto or in the Douro valley as

going to Algarve.











In Santarem, the climate is hot during the summer and mild in the winter. The locals tend to laugh at the fact that some have never seen snow.

On the coast line, Nazare, Peniche…, the weather is moderate. The ocean mist is never too far. The temperature of the sea never goes above 19°-20°. As you go further inland, it becomes warmer with a dry heat but with a slight wind that makes it enjoyable.



Roads and motorways


The entire country has a very good road system which

allows you to travel fast everywhere.

The alcohol limit for drivers is 0.5 g/l.

Seat belts are compulsory.

Maximum speed on the motorways: 120 km/h.


There are two different types of toll booths:

  1. Classic toll booths where you pay at the booth. Stay
    on the right end side lanes as the left ones are used
    for regular users with badges.

  2. Electronic toll Portals, where your bank account will
    be automatically debited. As a foreigner entering the
    country, you will be waved into a specific lane
    where you will be invited to swipe your credit card
    into a machine, then every time you pass an
    electronic toll portal, your account will be
    automatically debited. Whilst passing those portals,
    keep to your speed limit, no need to slow down.



Cost of living


For example, groceries are 30 % to 40 % cheaper than France. However, imported products are the same price or even more expensive due to a VAT of 23 %. The closer you get to the coast line, big cities or touristic areas, the cost of living will be more expensive. A coffee or a beer is approximately 0,70 €.At the restaurant, the four of us (without being fussy), we’ve eaten for 15 €!Petrol is approximately the same price as in France.Average monthly salary: 800 € Minimum legal monthly salary: 524 € Minimum rate per hour: 2,98 €.




In the past, the Portuguese migrated towards France, Belgium, Canada… to run away from the political terror and the economic crisis. This economic migration still happens nowadays. In Schools, they learn foreign languages very early on. You will be amazed at the number of children who speak French and/or English. Be careful what you say to them, sometimes they won’t tell you that they understand…


Basic Words


Good Morning = Born Dia, Olà

Hi (Good afternoon) = Boa tarde

Bye = Adeus

Yes = Sim

No = Nao

Please = Po favor

Thank you (to a man) = Obrigado

Thank you (to a woman) = Obrigada

My pleasure = De nada

Sorry = Desculpe

How much does it cost please? = Quanto custo por favor?

I don’t understand! = Nao comprendo

I understand = Compreendi

Prohibited = Proibido

Where are the toilets please? = Onde é a casa de banho por favor?


0 zero

1 um

2 dois

3 tres

4 quatro

5 cinco

6 seis

7 sete

8 oito

9 nove

10 dez


Credit cards


International credit cards are not accepted everywhere because store keepers pay extra taxes. You will find credit/debit card machines in shopping centers, touristic places, banks… always have some cash on you.




Let us not forget that as you are travelling across this country that has so much culture and magnificent landscapes, the Portuguese describe themselves in four words,

Welcoming, kind, Smiley and friendly.



Practical info


Geography             Language           The Cork Oak
Weather                Basic words        Eucalyptus
Roads and motorways      Credit cards        Olive trees
Cost of living          Health department



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